Hospital Management System | Free PHP Project

Hospital Management System | Free PHP Project

Hospital Management System(HMS) is a system for managing the hospital functions and events.

It has different modules such as adding new doctors, managing parents and managing appointments.

Letswebtech here provides you a simple to use and easy to load project specially for students of B.Tech.

It is a web-based powerful hospital management containing user and admin panel. it is having an integrated management software. It is an effective software specifically designed to fulfill various requirements in managing hospitals.
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Modules and its features:

  • Managing Doctors: User can add new listings of doctors through that panel. and list can be modify and delete. deleted records will be displayed in tabular format which cannot be deleted.
  • Managing patients: manage patient records and all the features such as modify, delete and undelete can be done on the records.
  • Appointments: appointments can be managed through doctor id and patients id in the application.

Installations steps:

1. Install the XAMPP.

2. Copy the hospital folder in the C:\\xampp/htdocs

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