What is Flutter ?

Flutter is an opensource UI toolkit from google for crafting , natively complied desktop, web and mobile application from single codebase.  Flutter apps are build using dart programming language.

What is dart and why flutter use it ?
Flutter Application VS Webview Application.
What are "widgets" in flutter ?
When should we use WidgetsBindingObserver?
What is the difference between "main()" and "runApp()" functions in Flutter?
What is an App state(shared state)?
What is the pubspec.yaml file and what does it do?
What are the different build modes in Flutter?
How is Flutter different from a WebView based application?
Where are the layout files? Why doesn’t Flutter have layout files?
What is ScopedModel / BLoC Pattern?
Do you know what Ephemeral state means?
What are Null-aware operators?
How do you check if an async void method is completed in Dart?
Why do we pass functions to widgets?
What is Streams in Flutter/Dart?
Why is the build() method on State and not Stateful Widget?
What is debug mode and when do you use it?
When do we use double.INFINITY?
What is profile mode and when do you use it?
Explain the different types of Streams?
What are some pros of Flutter?
How to declare async function as a variable in Dart?
Explain Navigator Widget and its push pop functions in Flutter?
Differentiate between named parameters and positional parameters in Dart?
What are packages and plugins in Flutter?
Name some cons of using Flutter?
What are keys in Flutter and when to use it?
What is release mode and when do you use it?
Differentiate StatelessWidget and StatefulWidget?
Differentiate between required and optional parameters in Dart
How is whenCompleted() different from then() in Future?
How is InheritedWidget different from Provider?
Differentiate between Hot Restart and Hot Reload?
What is the difference between Scaffold and Container in Flutter?